Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't miss visiting Artist of the Day... Artspan VL Artist Victoria Pendragon

© Integrating the Day   V Pendragon

"Most of these pieces start with a pose, or the feeling that the pose induces. I have a daily practice which I have been attending to for over thirty years. It has begun to find its way into my work, collecting the images that 'feel' like the pose makes me feel.  The bodies I use represent every man/woman. They are painted in the colors of the energy centers of the body, called chakras." V Pendragon

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

FLORENCE MOONAN Artspan VL Artist of the Day

He is Coming (Cio-Cio San)
"I am a painter who loves the element of surprise;  when attacking a blank surface, I am filled with anticipation about how the finished work will reveal itself. Each work pushes the direction of the next until I have exhausted the possibilities."

Florence Moonan

Friday, June 21, 2013

VL Studio Visit with ARTSPAN artist Shannon Crider July Issue Visual Language Magazine Vol 2 No 7

Shannon Crider uses found paper to create intricate figurative collages.  Based on original photographs of subject, real and imagined,  she capture their humanity with thoughtful calculation. Formally trained as a painter, she transitioned to paper as a mean of challenging the application of color shadow and texture.

NAOKO PALUSZAK Artspan VL Artist of The Day

Art is about having a “sense of mystery and drama”

Looking to evoke new concept and not just have art serve a decorative purpose, in a natural inconspicuous manner, the artist bridges the abstract and figures masterfully. Naoko’s solitude abstract figure with her vibrant color palette evokes strong feelings and memories to viewers. Her use of probing evocative directness to the moment is compelling.   See more of Naoko's Art.

 Her work is on the Cover of July 2013
  Visual Language Magazine Vol 2 No 7                                                                                       

Friday, June 14, 2013

July Issue of Visual Language Hits the Internet featuring the figurative painting of Morgan Weistling and many other incredible artists.

Now Available on MagCloud for purchase.
194 Pages of International Fine Art.
 Morgan Weistling
JoAnn Peralta
David Darrow
Carmel Jenkin
Nancy Medina

Visual Language Magazine Vol 2 No 7 July 2013
194 pages, published 6/5/2013
Visual Language Magazine is a contemporary fine art magazine with pages filled with dynamic fine art, brilliant color and stimulating composition. This month features American Artist Morgan Weistling and his wife JoAnn Peralta as well as American Portrait Artist David Darrow and Australian Figurative Artist Carmel Jenkin. On the Cover is the artwork of Artspan Artist Naoko Paluszak. Visual Language is the common connection around the world for…